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Welcome to La Ruche, Ecole Polytechnique’s website for job postings and internship management. On La Ruche you can :
- Set up your company profile to be used in the promotion of your job and internship positions;
- Promote your job and internship positions to both students and recent engineering graduates;
- View resumes and profiles of candidates who have applied via La Ruche;
- Schedule interviews with candidates that you would like to meet;
- Offer an internship position to students that you have selected.
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To receive applications from Polytechnique graduates with several years of experience, we invite you to contact the Association of Graduates of Polytechnique. You can find their contact information and method of operation on their website:

Protection of personal information
The Web application for job postings and internship management, “La Ruche”, is provided by École Polytechnique de Montréal, located at 2500, chemin de Polytechnique, in Montreal. Personal information submitted through La Ruche is accessible to its staff members assigned to the support and management of job postings and internships or the Web application. It will be kept according to the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information, CQLR c A-2.1, which guarantees any individual the right to consult its personal information or to correct it, where applicable. The collection of personal information is optional. However, fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory to access certain functionalities.